The Evolution of Gambling till 2020

The term gambling means putting your money for or against an event with the intention of winning money or equivalent if the outcome of the event is the same as what you put your money on. Gambling is also called betting. There are a number of games that include gambling, for example live roulette malaysia. While some of them are legal, some are completely illegal in many countries, yet people play these games to try their luck and earn some extra money. Some groups of people straight out bet on anything and everything, while some do it through sophisticated games and on some occasions only. Every game uses different rules on when to bet, how much to bet, the maximum limit of betting, and so on. Casinos are generally the full-fledged rooms that allow gambling are made specifically for that purpose. People visit physical casinos or download online casino games to play poker and the like.

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The Origin of Gambling:


  • A long history of centuries precedes the modes of gambling the world enjoys now. The first time someone ever gambled is known to be 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. 
  • Gambling houses were known to be present and highly up and running in China in 1000 BC for betting on animals’ fights.
  • The first-ever casino in the world was known as the Ridotto and was set in Venice, Italy in 1638.


Different Types of Gambling/Betting:

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  • Casinos – Casinos are rooms that have setups for gambling games that people can play with their groups of friends. A casino has some machines and devices that better the experience of those who visit. Some games are played only in casinos because of the setting and the vibe they offer.
  • Electronic Games – Some gambling games are played electronically on computers and smartphones. These include video bingo, video poker, pachinko, and slot machine. A number of other games have a presence online now so they too come under the category of electronic games.
  • Card Games – Card games are the most widespread gambling games, sharing the position with dice games. It is the varied chances of outcomes these games offer that excite the players more. It sets the vibe of the game and can be played in groups. Most people like to bring their friends along to play with them to have a fun night, so card games are a perfect choice. Poker is one of the most popularly known card games that includes gambling. 
  • Sports betting – This is a very fun gambling choice for people who play solo and don’t want to sit with groups in a cozy casino. These gamblers place their bets with their own opinions on a variety of games like horseracing, football, cricket, and any other game. People also gamble in virtual games now like weather betting on what the weather would be like in a day or a week.


Gambling may be right according to some religions and might be illegal according to several religions and countries, but in the end, one should be rational and sure enough before giving away their hard-earned money.


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